Coastal House

Kaipara, 2012

In Association with Noel Lane Architects

A long low coastal dwelling integrates within the landscape calmly positioned to take full advantage of a panoramic view of the extensive Kaipara harbour. The house emphasises the horizontal line as a collection of gabled roof forms parallel to one another containing the various planned zones of occupation. Hallways between the gables provide a logic and order to the planning and division between spaces. You enter into the centre of the house opening to a large lounge which divides the two private ends, north and south. The lounge is effectively a pavilion between the Kaipara, West and a glazed atrium, East for the extremes of storm and weather.


The materiality of the exterior is rustic, including rough stone terraces, natural stained cedar weatherboards, and hand hewn cedar shake roofing providing a weathered timeless finish to the variable gabled forms.


Within the interior, similar to that of the Japanese construction, shadow, light, and movement become explicit quality and almost a material themselves. Rich natural materials, dark wide floorboards, dark stone bathrooms enhance the interplay of shadow and light from the variable patterns of weather and conditions of light.