Warkworth, 2007

Noel Lane Architects, Senior Architect Tom Rowe
New Zealand Institute of Architects National Award 2007

“The Glasshouse stretches like a bridge along a narrow ridge of land, hovering above a small lake on one side and a tumbling cascade of rocks on the other. With the rows of grapevines marching up the hill behind it, the building looks, from a distance, like it could be a nursery for tender young plants. But as you approach up the wide, flat stairs, it becomes obvious this is no horticultural centre, but a modern take on the traditional vineyard wine-tasting room.” MW, Urbis Issue 37


“The glass roof, exposed steel frame and timber floor, are uniform throughout the building. Within this framework, public and private spaces coexist and are articulated to create contrast. The roof shelters colourful, detached boxes that intrigue. They are private rooms – kitchen, office, and bathroom – yet their citrus colours and detail attract attention. Clad in translucent acrylic sheet, they glow like lanterns at night. Their simple gabled form recalls the utility shed, and as abstractions they reference modern sculpture.”

Andrea Stevens


Simon Devitt