Journal | May 2015

2015 NZIA Auckland Awards


In association with Noel Lane Architects, we received two New Zealand Institute of Architects Awards: a ‘Hospitality and Retail’ Award for the James Restaurant project, and a ‘Small Project’ Architecture Award for the Pool Pavilion Project. We would like to thank our clients and all consultants and contractors who contributed to both projects.


James Restaurant | Hospitality Award

NZIA Jury Citation: “Less is indeed more in this energising response to an old site with its double-height volume and concrete-formwork walls. A gesture as simple as hanging swathes of hot-pink sheer curtaining which can be arranged to configure a series of intimate ‘rooms’ or to frame the entire space, is exactly the right, inspired decision. Coming from the near pitch-black bar area, the room is an explosion of eye-popping, fun colour and a great environment for a party.”

Click the above image to view the project in its entirety.


Pool Pavilion | Small Project Award

NZIA Jury Citation: “This well-considered and finely crafted project draws its greatest strengths from the architect’s understanding of how sometimes restraint and excision can deliver more than enough. The pool and its associated structures form a series of basic elements, articulated with simplicity and resolved with great elegance. Tiles, paving, a skeletal canopy structure and beautiful planting work with the water surfaces to provides an amply sufficiency of elegance and pleasure. This is the kind of place where it is very easy to imagine that James Bond, no doubt suitably accompanied, could be filmed.”

Click the above image to view the project in its entirety.