Journal | October 2015

Spring Newsletter

Proposed Projects

Impluvium House

A new extension to an inner city villa that provides introspective calmness and privacy while allowing light and ventilation. The house borrow an impluvium from the language of classical roman Pompeii, a device that was used to introduce air and light to house too small for a full-sized courtyard. The windows are carefully set out to provide strategic views of gardens and avoid sight of neibouring suburban structures. In plan the house extension is similar to its bay villa typology at the front with an extended bay windows and corresponding veranda executed however with crisp lines and careful detailing. The house will have a heated limestone floor and is otherwise fundamentally a volume, form, mass and space.


Under Construction

Seaside Bungalows

We are at the tail end of construction of two seaside units located in the bay of islands overlooking a private beach. The project is in conjunction with Noel Lane Architects, and follows a refined rustic aesthetic with deliberate constructivist connections. The houses are identical with roof glazing that enables a lightness and connection to the bush above as well as the immediate shoreline 20 meters away.

McConnell mock up.jpg

Recently Completed

Point England House

The house naturally takes advantage of views to the ‘waka superhighway’ of Auckland, a historic motorway for canoes in-between the Manakau and Waitemata Harbours. Following an “L” shape plan and enclosing a courtyard protected from the sun and winds, as well as the public view from the adjacent park, the house is orientated with a pavilion for living areas to the North, and bedrooms facing east to a lawn and inner garden.