Journal | February 2018

Summer Newsletter

Recently Completed

Volcano House

Located in proximity to one of Auckland’s volcanic cones, the site is enclosed by adjacent suburban gardens and micro-utopia. The plan is introspective with living areas centred about a courtyard opening to subcourtyards. Rooms are grouped according to their function and program, and these groups are conceived of as a collection of boulders defining the boundary of the building.

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Recently Photographed

Point House

The house naturally takes advantage of views to the ‘waka superhighway’ of Auckland, a historic motorway for canoes in-between the Manakau and Waitemata Harbours. Following an “L” shape plan and enclosing a courtyard protected from the sun and winds, as well as the public view from the adjacent park, the house is orientated with a pavilion for living areas to the North, and bedrooms facing east to a lawn and inner garden.

Click the below image to see the project in its entirety.