Journal | October 2017


Point Cloud

We have recently been working with point cloud technology, which is effectively a 3D scan of an internal space or exterior, picking up detail and colour with millimetre accuracy.

This technology is invaluable with historic and renovation work enabling accurate surveying of complex, difficult geometry right down to the detail of light switches, smoke alarms and detailed skirtings, mouldings and scotias.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 2.57.38 PM.png

In addition to the capture of this information, we can also model new proposed interventions alongside the 3D survey, enabling fast and effective concepts to be conveyed in an accurate manner. The price is relatively cost effective and removes the significant time involved in measuring and recording site dimensions.

We see this as a technology that will significantly influence the future of both design and documentation of “as built” structures and services, particular in large and complex projects.


Laser Cutting

We extensively utilise laser-cutting technology in the construction of our 3D physical models. We enjoy the tactility, form and perception of space that comes from making physical models. The laser-cutting technology allows us to apply texture and even detailed fenestration to models. Site models can be produced with accurate ease, and we are currently exploring further possibilities using CNC Router technology to recreate complex landforms more accurately on small scale.